Weather Update Thurs 6/21 2:15pm – We did have some rain activity in the area this afternoon just before game times, but all Thursday 2:00pm games did right start on time and it looks like we’ll have a nice window for playing games the rest of the afternoon/evening on Thursday. Please always assume we will be playing ball on our synthetic turf fields at Lenz Field, if there are any weather situations to report or any rain/lightning delays that info would be posted right here on the front page of the website and updated throughout the weekend as needed.


June 21-24 “Play the Turf” Tournament Schedule

June 21-24 Standings & Pool Play Results

June 21-24 9u Boys Bracket

June 21-24 10u Boys Bracket

June 21-24 12u Boys Bracket

June 21-24 13u Boys Bracket

June 21-24 17u Boys Bracket

Lenz Field 9u-14u Boys Tournament Rules

Lenz Field 15u-18u Boys Tournament Rules

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Off-site field locations for June 21-24 Tournament (17u only)

ILLINOIS COLLEGE – 1101 West College Avenue, Jacksonville, Illinois 62650

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS-SPRINGFIELD (UIS)One William Maxwell Ln, Springfield, IL 62703

All tournaments fields (Lenz Field, IC, UIS) this weekend are synthetic turf, please make sure all players are aware that metal cleats and sunflower seeds are NOT allowed.

The only exception is that the 2 college facilities have dirt mounds, and ONLY the pitcher of record will be allowed to wear metal cleats at Illinois College or UIS.


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The June 28-July 1 “Play the Turf” tourney schedule will be posted right here late on Monday evening 6/25.



2018 Lenz Field “Play the Turf” Tournament Schedule (Click Here)

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Lenz Field 2018 Elite All Star Information
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2018 11u & 15u CABA World Seriesasa_logoElite All Starspg_super25_logo


In 2018 Lenz Field is hosting many exciting events including Perfect Game SUPER Qualifiers at ages 10-17u, several college scouted weekends, AA Midwest Nationals, and several new all star events including a 14u & 15u college showcase event!

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