2018 9th Annual Lenz Field High School Jamborees


2018 HS Jamboree #1:  March 16-17-18 (Fri, Sat, and/or Sunday)

March 16-18 High School Jamboree #1 Game Schedule (Click Here)



2018 HS Jamboree #2:  March 23-24-25 (Fri, Sat, and/or Sunday)

March 23-25 High School Jamboree #2 Game Schedule (Click Here)



2018 HS Jamboree #3:  March 30-31 (Fri, Sat, no games Easter Sunday)

March 30-31 High School Jamboree #3 Game Schedule (Click Here)

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“Play the Turf” in March and eliminate rain outs!  Get your early season games in!!!


High School Jamboree Registration Form (Click Here)


2018 High School Jamboree Committed Teams (Click Here)


The 9th Annual Lenz Field & Sports Complex High School Baseball/Softball Jamboree for all level IHSA schools will be on 3 different weekends for 2018. Any size school can sign up and get HS boys or HS girls games on turf on any of the late March weekends.

All 3 weekends are for baseball/softball and all classes, games would also be available for J/V teams or Frosh/Soph teams – if interested we’ll try to match up any of your school’s teams for competitive early season games vs. teams they wouldn’t normally play (games that won’t get rained out).

The synthetic turf fields at Lenz Field & Sports Complex is an assured way to play early rainy season games when other teams can’t play because of field conditions – we were playing games at Lenz Field in Feb/Mar last year when most teams in the Midwest couldn’t even get outside to practice.

  • Teams may play between 1 and 6 games Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday – please tell us your preferred schedule for any of your school’s teams (Varsity, J/V, or Frosh/Soph).
  • Schools will be matched up against other appropriate classed schools as much as possible (1A/2A and 3A/4A).
  • The cost is $175/game. The fee will include two IHSA certified umpires. Teams will need to provide their own baseballs/softballs. There will be a spectator fee for fans coming to watch the game. If your games are not playable due to inclement weather, we will refund your fee minus a $50 office fee.

To confirm your intent to participate in 2018, please email: director2@lenzfield.com

All 3 weekends are expected to fill very quickly as many schools are already planning the trip, so don’t wait too long to contact us. This event sold out very early in 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017. We are expecting to sell out again considering the March weather we had in Illinois the past several years (teams know they will get their games in at Lenz Field). The registration form can be accessed at the above link. Please fill out the form and mail it in with your payment to secure a spot in the 2018 “Play The Turf” Jamboree. Thank you very much and do not miss out on “playing the turf” in 2018. If you have any questions please contact Tim Culbertson via e-mail at director2@lenzfield.com or via cell/text at 309-868-5324.


2017 Participating Teams