5th Annual

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Elite Allstar 2017

Elite All Star Showcase – Boys

July 27-30, 2017

9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u


  • Thursday
  • 10:30am-11:30am – 14u check in at Lenz Field under the tents by Field #3.
  • 11:30am-4:00pm – 14u College Showcase
  • 12:00pm-5:00pm – All 9u-13u players should check in at Lenz Field under the tents by Field #3.
  • 12:00-5:00pm – LIVE ENTERTAINMENT (Elite All-Star Band – SOJOURN ROCS) Giant Water Slide Open
  • Practice Times Available (Optional): 12:00pm-5:00pm
  • 5:00pm-6:00pm – Gather on Field #3 for LINE UP and PICTURES
  • 6:00pm-6:45pm – Team Walk in, Welcome, SALUTE TO VETERANS, 1st Pitch, God Bless America, National Anthem, FIREWORKS
  • 6:45pm-9:00pm SKILLS COMPETITIONS – Home Run Contest, Throwing Accuracy, Timed Base Running – 1st-3rd Place Awards for each division
  • Friday – All teams have 2 Pool Play games
  • Saturday – All teams have 2 Pool Play games
  • Sunday – Single Elimination Tournament

Elite All Star Showcase Tournament Schedule
Elite All Star Showcase Standings & Pool Play Results
Elite All Star Showcase 9u Boys Bracket
Elite All Star Showcase 10u Boys Bracket
Elite All Star Showcase 11u Boys Bracket
Elite All Star Showcase 12u Boys Bracket
Elite All Star Showcase 13u Boys Bracket
Elite All Star Showcase 14u Boys Bracket
Boys 9u-14u Tournament Rules 


Elite All Star Showcase Champions

9u- Southern Illinois – Bergan

10u- South Chicago – Bounds

11u – NW Chicago – DeShazer

12u – Orland Park – Stefanos

13u – Missouri – Clark

14u- W. Central Illinois – Lenz

9u All Tournament Team

Aiden Pickles – Southern Illinois
Brayden Walsh – Southern Illinois
Jackson Lueken – Southern Illinois
Brayden Bircher   Metro Southern Illinois
Cody Zindar – Capital City
Eli Olson – Capital City
Adam Bovinett – South Missouri County
Drew Stevens – Peoria Area
Michael Gallagher – Indiana
L.J. Triplett – Missouri

10u All Tournament Team

Jaden Fauske – South Chicago
Nathan O’Donnell – South Chicago
A.J. Snell – South Chicago
Wyatt Wawro – South Chicago
Cam Steinbaugh – Eastern Illinois
Brayden Sailing – Eastern Illinois
Connor Blue – Metro East
Bronson Montgomery – Kansas City
Nolan Laughlin – Jefferson City
Jack Sparrow – Western Illinois
Wyatt Rudzinski – S.E. Wisconsin

11u All Tournament Team

Sam Rohlfong – N.W. Chicago
Jordan Green – N.W. Chicago
Brandon Schultz – N.W. Chicago
Jameson Martin – N.W. Chicago
Cameron Poznanski – Indiana
Evan Schmitendorff – Indiana
Braxton Betancourt – Indiana
Cade Polkowski – S.E. Wisconsin 
Charlie Vercruysse – Central Illinois (Blue)
Nolan Folks – Central Illinois (Red)

12u All Tournament Team

Cal Sefcik – Orland Park
Dom Cota – Orland Park
Tom McAuliffe – Orland Park
Anthony Fumagali – Missouri
Adam Painter – Missouri
Cole Varassen – S. Central Illinois
Kayden Jennings – Metro Southern Illinois
Brock Malecki – S.E. Wisconsin
Joshua Hoektra – Central Illinois

13u All Tournament Team

Shawn Barnett – Missouri
Jacob Steele – Missouri
Max Clark – Missouri
Cade Berkley – Heart of Illinois
Austin Adcock – Heart of Illinois
Nick Kolzi – South Chicago
Jayden Harris – Indiana
Michael Fiemer – Iowa
Cale Steinbaugh – Central Illinois
Matthew Polachek – S.E. Wisconsin

14u All Tournament Team

Victor Quinn – W. Central Illinois
Bryce Brown – W. Central Illinois
Adam Lindsey – W. Central Illinois
Ryan Maul – W. Central Illinois
Cade Conlon – Indiana -Bordenet
Cam Salazar – Indiana – Bordenet
Camden Jordan – Indiana – Tirro
Luke Towery – Heart of Illinois
Kyle Gibson – Central Illinois
Emmett LaFluer – Kansas City

Skills Competition Winners

9u – Throwing Accuracy Contest

1st – Brady Micek  Missouri

2nd – Brady Nolan  Missouri

3rd – Andrew Bolden  South County Missouri

9u – Home Run Contest

1st – Cameron Crawford  Peoria Area

2nd – Dominick Reineke  Missouri

3rd – Will True  Southern Illinois

9u – Running Speed Contest

1st – Nathan Null  Missouri

2nd – Brandon Dutton  Southern Illinois

3rd – Eli Olson  Capital City

10u – Throwing Accuracy Contest

1st – Luke Wetter  Southeast Wisconsin

2nd – Reed Sparrow  Western Illinois

3rd – Adam Hale  Metro East

10u – Home Run Contest

1st – Connor Blue  Metro East

2nd – Macay Wagner  Southeast Wisconsin

3rd – Preston Yeucher  Southeast Wisconsin

10u – Running Speed Contest

1st – Payton Sterritt  South Chicago

2nd – A.J. Snell  South Chicago

3rd – Kendric Johnson  Jeff City

11u – Running Speed Contest

1st – Alex Smook  Wisconsin

2nd – Blake Riphenburg  Wisconsin

3rd – Gus Rugaard  Central Illinois

11u – Throwing Accuracy Contest

1st – Josh Patterson  Indiana

2nd – Jason Weber  Wisconsin

3rd – Kaiden Maurer Central Illinois

11u – Home Run Contest

1st – Bayler Wilkinson  Central Illinois

2nd – Gavin Schieffer  Wisconsin

3rd – Jacob Janisko  Northwest Chicago

12u – Running Speed Contest

1st – Dominic Coda  Southwest Chicago

2nd – Kayden Jennings  Metro East Southern Illinois

3rd – Issei Takahashi  Southeast Wisconsin

12u – Throwing Accuracy Contest

1st – Garret Shearer  Metro East Southern Illinois

2nd – Cade Altadona Metro East Southern Illinois

3rd – Caleb Stone  Central Illinois

12u – Home Run Contest

1st – Cole Van Assen  South Central

2nd – Brock Malecki  Southeast Wisconsin

3rd – Jimmy Arrentz  Southwest Chicago

13u – Running Speed Contest

1st – Jayden Harris  Indiana

2nd – Jack Murray  Southeast Wisconsin

3rd – Ryan Clayton  Iowa

13u – Throwing Accuracy Contest

1st – J.J. Vargas  Southeast Wisconsin

2nd – Alex Neal  Iowa

3rd – Joseph Crum  Heart of Illinois

13u – Home Run Contest

1st – Matt Merk  South Chicago

2nd – Matthew Polacheck  Southeast Wisconsin

3rd – Adam Passmore  Heart of Illinois

  • Individual All-Star Award for each Player
  • Opening Ceremonies 
  • 2 – Elite All-Star Jerseys
  • Skills Competitions (HR Derby, Throwing Accuracy, Running)
  •  Live Band  (SoJourn Rocs – click for sample video) and much much more…..

Click here for last years results

14U Showcase in conjunction with the Elite All-Star Event

  • 14u Players will be evaluated by Collegiate Coaches – over 20 colleges expected
  • 60 yard dash
  • Position Velocity
  • Catcher POP time
  • Pitcher Velocity
  • All times/scores will be recorded and given out to the college coaches

Click here for last years 14u SHOWCASE results


2017 Testimonials

Barry, aka Director 1, did an outstanding job running the Lenz Field Elite All Star Tourney.  The most important thing for me as a coach is communication and accessibility. Barry was always quick to respond to any questions. He was also visible constantly at the Complex to address any issues. It was great to be able to get the boys sized correctly and to get them their jersey numbers. Any issue with sizing was also immediately addressed after receiving uniforms which was greatly appreciated. Uniforms were great quality and the kids loved the design. 
The scheduling was obviously well thought out. We never had to wait more than one game for our second game of the day. This allowed the kids and parents to enjoy other activities over the weekend. Complex was in great shape, the boys enjoyed playing on an age appropriate field and parking was never an issue. 
The All-Tourney team was a nice touch for the boys and the trophies and medals were very nice. 
Opening Ceremonies were a little long but coming from a coach I like that we don’t have to choose who gets to participate in skills competitions. You let each boy choose their event which is great. 
Overall for my players and families just an outstanding weekend. Everyone truly enjoyed themselves. 
Big Thanks to Director 1 (Barry)  and Lenz Field Staff
John Stefanos  – Southwest Chicago Elite 

Good morning all.

Just wanted to send you a big thank you for all of your efforts to put this together once again. Communication from Barry was first class!
All of our “new” parents were very complimentary of the facility and how smoothly everything went. Great time once again!

Thank you!

Mark Galyean – Head Coach Indiana Nitro

Hi guys,

Great tournament down here this week.  Thoroughly enjoying myself and I know our teams are loving it.  Looking forward to coming back next year with all the teams!


Greg Blaesing


Thank you and great job this weekend.  Our families were completely satisified and thought everything was great.


Tim Clark – Head Coach 12U Missouri