7th Annual

Elite All Star Showcase – Boys

July 26-28, 2019

9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u


  • Individual All-Star Award for each Player
  • Opening Ceremonies 
  • 2 – Elite All-Star Jerseys
  • Skills Competitions (HR Derby, Throwing Accuracy, Running)
  • All Tournament Team Awards
  • (and much, much more…..)
  • 5 Game Guarantee


2019 9u-13u Elite All Star Showcase Official Team Rosters

9u Elite All Star Showcase Rosters

10u Elite All Star Showcase Rosters

11u Elite All Star Showcase Rosters

12u Elite All Star Showcase Rosters

13u Elite All Star Showcase Rosters


Elite All Star Showcase All Tournament Team Selections

9U All Tournament Team

Jake Rose- Indiana
Kevaunte Simmons- Indiana
Gabe Lappin- Indiana
Gage Ebert- Indiana
Mason Odom- MSBA
Eli Strinni- MSBACory Hilzinger- MSBA
Nate Stambaugh- Central Illinois
Logan Osmonson- Central Illinois
Ashton Douglas- Midwest
Cole Basek- Midwest
Cooper Bretzmann- Wisconsin
Bryson Hoeffler- Wisconsin
Jace Mitchell- Southern Illinois
London Dallas- Southern Illinois

10U All Tournament Team

Connor Fox- Midwest
Kash Van Houten- Midwest
Tucker Murphy- Midwest
Carter Brooks- Midwest
Kaiden O’Leary- South Central Illinois
Ben Kittstein- South Central Illinois
Braden Fournie- South Central Illinois
Trevor Hernandez- Indiana
Ayden Schmidt- Indiana
Collin Etter- Central Illinois
Zach Lares- Central Illinois
Daylin McClanahan- Southern Illinois
Whitten Devor- Southern Illinois
Jesse Hertzel- St. Louis
Gray Underwood- St. Louis

11U All Tournament Team

Colliin Burns- Midwest
Adam Bovinett- Midwest
Owen Adams- Midwest
Cameron Crawford- Midwest
Anson Zaiser- North Central Illinois
Michael Lucas- North Central Illinois
Dylan McGinnis- North Central Illinois
Isaac Wendler- Southern Illinois Metro
Jacob Flowers- Southern Illinois Metro
Dax Duffy- Central Illinois
Camden Taylor- Central Illinois
Caleb Stocker- Indiana
Colt Snyder- Indiana

12U All Tournament Team

Doug Wagner- Wisconsin
Jackson Etzel- Wisconsin
Seth Austin- Wisconsin
Will Baumhardt- Wisconsin
Dayton Doll- Kansas City
Caden Rives- Kansas City
Kyle Pearcy- Kansas City
Isaiah Lintker- Metro East
Dane Hrasky- Metro East
Sam Woodward- Indiana
Gade Mathison- Indiana
Waylon Anders- Southern Illinois
Noah Pickering- Southern Illinois

13U All Tournament Team

Nolan Schaefer- Central Illinois
Michael Kuska- Central Illinois
Keegan Isbell- Central Illinois
Henry Brummel- Central Illinois
JC Easley- Midwest
Cru Erickson- Midwest
Jack Swaney- Midwest
Garrett Sites- Indiana
Mark Hamby- Indiana
Clayton Marquez- Land of Lincoln
Joseph Catalano- Land of Lincoln
Nick Rice- Capital City
Landen Patton- Capital City


Skills Competition Winners

9u – 1st) Colton Wall- Wisconsin 2nd) Caiden Pohler- Indiana 3rd) Bryson Hoeffler- Wisconsin
10u – 1st) Carter Brooks- Midwest 2nd) Zach Lares- Central Ill 3rd) Oliver Gylanzman- Indiana
11u – 1st) Jack Moehle- Central Ill 2nd) Greyson George- Indiana 3rd) Bek Powers- Central Ill
12u – 1st) Aaron Luttman- Southern Ill 2nd) Dayton Doll- Kansas City 3rd) Logan Faust- Metro East
13u – 1st) Parker Gillespie- Midwest 2nd) Carter Kruse- Land of Lincoln 3rd) JC Easley- Midwest
9u – 1st) Logan Osmonson- Central Ill 2nd) Casch Graefe- MSBA 3rd) Max Weidenbaum- Wisconsin
10u – 1st) Jaxon Layman- Southern Ill 2nd) Brock Bowman- Central Ill 3rd) Peyton Campbell- Midwest
11u – 1st) Hunter Baugh- Southern Ill Metro 2nd) Tyler Wolff- Southern Ill Metro 3rd) Reid Murray- Southern Ill Metro
12u – 1st) Evan lauer- Wisconsin 2nd) Corbin Lange- Southern Ill 3rd) Tommy Kramkowski- Metro East
13u – 1st) Corbin Snyder- Indiana 2nd) Simon Wilkinson- Indiana 3rd) Jace Collins- Lincoln Land
Home Run Derby
9u – 1st) Jake Rose- Indiana 2nd) Cory Hilzinger- MSBA 3rd) Dylan Chism- Indiana
10u – 1st) Evan Daxenbichler- Midwest  2nd) Jake McCastland- Central Ill  3rd) Miguel Rosado- Indiana
11u – 1st) Adam Bovinett- Midwest 2nd) Ike Young- Midwest 3rd) Chuck Hathaway- North Central Ill
12u – 1st) Drew Vanderheyden- Metro East 2nd) Logan Sabo- Southern Ill 3rd) Macay Wagner- Wisconsin
13u – 1st) Nolan Schaefer- Central Ill 2nd) Charlie Vercruysse- Central Ill 3rd) John Kneeland- Indiana

Tentative Itinerary

  • Friday
    • 10:00am-12:00pm  Check In
    • 12:00pm-12:30pm  Opening Ceremonies
    • Games at 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm.  Each Team plays 1 game.
    • 7:00pm:  Skills Competition
  • Saturday – All teams have 2 Pool Play games
  • Sunday – All teams have 2 Pool Play games


July 26-28 Elite All Star Showcase Tournament Schedule

July 26-28 Elite All Star Showcase Standings & Pool Play Results

July 26-28 Elite All Star Showcase 11u Boys Bracket

July 26-28 Elite All Star Showcase 12u Boys Bracket

July 26-28 Elite All Star Showcase 13u Boys Bracket

July 26-28 Lenz Field Tournament Rules (9u-13u Boys)