Listed below are teams that are paid for 2012. If there is an*, that means they are sending in their payment.

Please note that full payment is required to secure a spot in our tournaments.

October 20-21
Diamond Sports Promotions
10u (Oct. 20 only - 1day event): 1) Springfield Blue Chips, 2) Lenz Field Warriors,

11u & 12u (Oct. 20 only - 1day event) : 1) Lenz FIeld Warriors 11u, 2) Champaign Tribe 12u, 3) Springfield Bulldogs 12u, 4) Chatham Venom 12U,

JUNIOR-SENIOR: 1) Hoosier North, 2) St. Louis Gamers Grey 17U, 3) St. Louis Gamers Blue 17U, 4) The Recruits 18U, 5) Central Illinois Eagles, 6) GBA Bears (18), 7) Hard Knox 18U,